Hello. I'm Julia from Germany. I spent my last 6 months in England. After my A- Levels I wanted to do something usefull for my future but don't got directly to the university. So I decided to make a work experience in England. With this I wished to improve my English and also learn new general skills related to my dream work sector marketing. I got a placement in a little sign and printing company. There I learned a lot about photoshop, how to handle difficult customers, in general how to lead a company, how to design and produce signs and much more. I really never expected that I can learn so much in just a few months. And the wish to do something with marketing became because of the work experience much stronger. Meanwhile I lived with a nice host family. They tried to include me in their way of life as much as they could. Just after a few days it really felt like a „home“ for me. I wasn't even homesick at all! In my free time I visited nice drawing and printing workshops, made friends with English girls and travelled through the country like for example to Manchester. All in all I must say that these six month exceeded my expectations. I really improved my English skills, learned a lot about marketing and also I became more independent and confident. All my wished came true for those six months. It was my second work experience abroad (organised by EU Student Connexions) and both time it was all organised really good and couldn't be better.

Julia, (Germany) 2016

I had such a good time in England that I wish I was staying longer. My Host Mum was kind and friendly and looked after me very well. I had such a great time on my Work Placement, it was perfect for me. I have made some really good connections for my future. I would like to come back and study here.

Oliwia, (Poland) 2015

I enjoyed my time in England very much and have made a lot of new experiences. The family was perfect and exactly how I had wished her to be, I can only recommend this family. The food was good and normally home cooked. My room was very cosy. I got along very well with my host family and spent a lot of time with them. After the first week I already had made some friends and at the work placement. I also got along fine with everyone. I have always joined in with everything and have tried it all, I learned a lot and have seen much. I not only improved my English, I also got an insight into the lifestyle of my host country, which is something that interests me very much and is the main reason for my going to England

Marie Louise, (Italy) 2015

I spent four excellent weeks in West Midlands, the family was lovely and the internship very helpful for my future. I really recommend the host family and the shop who knew how to welcome me with kindness. I'll surely keep wonderful memories. Je recommande vraiment la famille et le magasin, qui ont su m’accueillir avec gentillesse, et dont je garderai de superbes souvenirs.

Agathe Masson, (France) 2015

I can honestly say that I enjoyed every minute in my English home for three months. Especially the people I've met when I've been on weekend-trips to Edinburgh, Cardiff, Liverpool and many more. The organisation chose a very good company for me which was very open-minded towards my own ideas. As they told me I would be a very good purchasing assistant I was very pleased. Nobody can take away those experiences, so get ready to work abroad in England!

Anna, (Germany) 2015

Hello, I'm taking some time to share my satisfaction concerning Gautier's journey. He was very happy that your partner found him an Internship when he was already there.I can imagine that this wasn't easy for you. He also received a really good welcome from the host family and his company. We would like to thank you for your care.

Mother of Gautier, (France) 2015

I would like to thank you for your help and efforts! I look back on my two "English weeks" with great satisfaction! It was a great experience for me. I got on well on my own and felt totally happy with my Host family. The work placement in the nursery was very enriching, even if I would have liked to become more incorporated by the personnel. On the whole I can only recommend this experience!

Lora, (Germany) 2014

I enjoyed my time in England very much and the organisation was very good. Wynne is a friendly and competent contact person. My host mother was really great. Maureen cooks so very well and was terribly friendly. I think my English mostly improved through my conversation with her. I very much enjoyed the Work Practice in the nursery. The personnel and the children accepted me at once and asked me a lot of questions about Germany. I would do it again. Many thanks for your organisation and placement.

Katharina Kausche, (Germany) 2014

Adrian enjoyed his work placement at Bose very much and was able to settle into the small team at Bose's very quickly. Although not used to the local dialect he was able to communicate quite well. I would like to point out particularly, that the work placement was able to give him a qualified confirmation of his participation very quickly. He was also very happy with his "short term home", Brenda being very attentive and seeing to it that Adrian could take home a good impression of really good and healthful British cuisine. We would like to thank you all for the smooth and successful realisation of this work placement and wish you all the best for your work

Father of Adrian, (Germany) 2013