Retail Internship

What is a Retail Internship?

Retail Internship A Retail Internship is an opportunity for students to work as interns in a retail environment which includes providing a service to the public through the selling of its products and/or services.

Why carry out a Retail Internship?

A Retail Internship will give an intern the opportunity to increase their skills whilst on the job, it will give you the chance to learn the practical element of the training and gain a wider understanding of what the job entails. Not only will a retail intern have a hands on feel for the type of work they are doing but it will allow the intern to know whether it's the right occupational area that suits them. An Internship in Retail can be very rewarding as it is a great step in building your career, it will help to enhance your CV and it can contribute to a job prospect or job promotion in the future.

What must a Retail Intern possess?

A Retail Intern must have a passion for dealing with customers from all backgrounds, be patient and understanding of each customer's needs & wants. It is also important for the retail intern to have a great level of knowledge & understanding of what they are aiming to sell in order to be effective at providing a good level of service. A retail intern must also have the ability to answer any questions and concerns that a potential customer may have.

Who can do a Retail Internship?

Any student that is currently studying or training towards a qualification in Retail has the option to carry out a Retail Internship as part of their occupational area or route. Most Vocational courses that offer a Retail qualification from a level 2 and higher will require the student to gain the practical part of their course as well as the theoretical.

Schools, Colleges, Universities, and Professional Training schools will offer courses such as Retail, Retail Management, Visual Merchandising, Fashion, Multi-Channel Retail and many more as part of an internship programme.

What are the types of jobs available in Retail?

There are different types of roles and jobs that exist within the Retail sector, these include Retail Management, Cashier, Sales Assistant, Customer Service Advisor, Stock Taker, Area Manager, Site Manager, Store Manager and many more ...

How long does a Retail Internship last?

An Internship in Retail can generally last from 6 weeks to 6 months and this usually depends on the type of course you are carrying out.

What are the benefits of carrying out an Internship in Retail?

The benefits of carrying out an Internship in Retail is that it allows the intern to gain a real insight of the real world of work. It is a good way of learning on the job and developing new skills.

As an intern you will increase your confidence, meet & work with real people, help to promote the businesses products and services, work as part of a team to successfully meet targets, provide marketing tips and techniques to increase customer awareness, enhance your CV and also help the business sell its products and services for the purpose of earning a profit.

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