Internship in Care

Short work placement opportunity

Internship in care An internship in Care in the UK is an opportunity for graduate or undergraduate students who are aiming for or studying towards a career in Care. An internship is a great way of getting into a career in Care as it will help to build up your practical experience. It is also a good way to put your knowledge and skills into practice as you will work as part of a team, meet new people, provide care & support to people requiring help and gain a practical understanding of what's involved within a real work place setting. Indeed the aim of carrying out an Internship in Care is to gain an understanding of the practical element of the course whether it's via a degree or an alternative vocational qualification that a student is studying towards. It will help to provide the student with a wider knowledge of what is involved within the area of Care.

There are many different types of jobs in Care e.g. Care Assistant, Support Worker, Learning Disability Nurse, Personal Assistant, Midwife, and many more. It involves working with people of all different ages, background and cultures. Work in Care can be a very rewarding type of career, as you are aiming to support people who need help and support. Any individual who wishes to study or work in Care must have a great passion for helping people. An internship in Care in the UK will help you to grow as a person and understand how to deal with all different types of cases that may present themselves in the workplace and you will become more and more involved with all types of people requiring different types of care or help.

For the most part an internship in Care in the UK will involve providing personal care and support to Clients with a wide range of needs, illnesses and disabilities. This may involve assisting individuals with different activities of daily living depending on their needs. This could include assisting Clients in getting up in the morning and going to bed at night, to wash, bath and shower, dress and undress, to look after their hair and nails, skin and teeth, assist with toileting, continence management and personal hygiene and provide support with eating and drinking, whilst respecting the Client's choice and rights. During this experience you will learn how to develop and maintain effective communication skills and provide companionship to Clients, actively talking and listening to them about their interests and encouraging the independence and motivation of the Client. As well as hands on experience you may have the opportunity to be involved in administrative duties including maintaining detailed accurate records in respect of care and medication and to read, record and update care and support plans.

Doing an internship in care will help you to determine whether it is the right occupational area for you, it will help you to build your confidence and increase your knowledge that you can gain within a real working environment. The placement can last between 3 -12 months depending on the requirements of each student's course or qualification.

An internship in Care is a great way to develop your personal training and development and will help equip you for a job in the future, at the same time as helping to enhance your CV and increase your job prospects.

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