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Work Placement in the UK: A student testimonial

Hello. My name is Julia, and I am a student from Germany.

Work Experience in the UK: Student Testimonial I have recently spent 6 months in England on a Work Placement. After my A- Levels I wanted to do something useful for my future (I am interested in further study at a university to get a Bachelor of Arts in the sector of Marketing), but didn't want to go directly to the university. So I decided to make a work experience in England. With this I wished to improve my English and also learn some new general skills related to my dream work sector which is marketing, together with communication and language skills, and also working as part of a team.

I was offered a placement in a small, family sign and printing company in Walsall, which designed and marketed all types of graphic signs and banners for the UK market. I was told that I would help to produce signs and logos using a computer program and assist the manager in all types of marketing and administrative work. During my time there I learned a lot about photoshop, how to design and produce signs, how to handle difficult customers, in general how to lead a company, and so much more. I never really expected that I could learn such a lot in just a few months. Also, the wish to do something with marketing became a lot stronger because of the work experience.

Meanwhile I lived with a very nice host family. They tried to include me in their way of life as much as they could. In fact just after a few days it really felt like a "home" for me. I wasn't ever homesick at all! In my free time I visited excellent drawing and printing workshops at the Art Gallery, made friends with English girls at a local grammar school and travelled throughout the country like for example to Birmingham and Manchester and even to Ireland. All in all I must say that these six months exceeded my expectations. I really improved my English skills, learned a lot about marketing and also I became more independent and confident. All my wishes came true during those six months. It was my second work experience abroad (organised by EU Student Connexions) and both times it was all organised really well and couldn't be better.

Julia, (Germany) 2016

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