How should an Intern behave?

So you want to be the best Intern ever?

First of all, always remember that an employer values punctuality and honesty above all things and will have high expectations of you as a potential employee. Therefore you should always be on time for work, as this also shows that you are organized and able to meet deadlines. This could possibly lead to you being trusted with more responsibilities as time goes on. You need to be a person that people can trust because if people cannot trust you, you will have issues both in your professional and personal life. However don't pretend to be who you are not. This is not a good way to behave. You will not be comfortable with the persona and it will be difficult to maintain after a while. The best way to integrate yourself into the company is by being yourself. Also remember to arrive at work properly attired. It is no good turning up in jeans to work in a bank or a suit to work in an outdoor environment. As in all matters follow the rules and dress code of the company.

So, as an Intern you should behave as you would in life, and learn how to manage yourself in order to become more efficient. Sometimes you may have a lot of work to do and not much time in which to do it. You will have to be organized and to know which projects are more urgent and which ones can be done at another time. You will create a good impression if your work is done efficiently and on time. Do your very best to meet set deadlines. At other times you may feel that you have insufficient work to do. In which case ask for more. You are not at school or college now so don't take too many breaks. An employer will notice this and it shows a lack of professionalism. Accept advice and orders without question, although not always necessarily agreeing with them. An Intern should always keep an open mind. The more open minded you are, the more creative you will become.

How should an intern behave Having a positive attitude is very important in the working environment. You have to enjoy what you do in order to give the best of yourself and you should always strive to do your best. Show an interest at all times and remain curious throughout the Work Experience. Ask many questions of the other employees and look the person who is speaking in the eye. It is really impolite not to do so because if you don't, it looks like you are not really listening. An intern will also need to show initiative. You will sometimes find yourself in a situation whereby you will have to act by yourself, you cannot wait until someone tells you what to do, so you will have to act there and then. The answer to the question "How should an Intern behave?" is quite simple: Do your best at all times. In a working environment you cannot expect to always have someone behind you telling you what to do. You are old enough now to know how to work and to do it by yourself. However it is better if possible to ask for help when you need it. By asking for help you will again learn new things. Make a note of what you learn in order to improve and do your job better. Also remember to offer your help willingly when it is needed.

Good communication skills are highly desirable in an employee. It is really important to make people feel comfortable when they are around you and if you communicate properly and politely, you will receive positive feedback. However, don't interrupt others while they are working, and try to avoid unnecessary interruptions. Remember that you are there to work, so leave your personal matters at home and above all leave your mobile phone alone. Do not mix your personal and your working life. It is essential to know how to work in a team. Teamwork means sharing ideas and getting different point of views on an issue. Be flexible, because sometimes you will have to make changes to your timetable, or be asked to work in a different area. Be adaptable and don't be afraid of change.

Finally, this sounds like common sense, but you must not share confidential information about your colleagues or your company with anyone. This is considered as a serious misconduct and it can cause trouble for your future professional progress. Also remember that since workplaces are usually a combination of different people from different nationalities and cultures, and communication will be easier if you are aware of these differences and you will be able to limit misunderstandings and conflicts.

Remember that as an Intern you should always go to work, and only in an emergency would it be acceptable to stay away from work. If such an emergency happens, you would have to report it as soon as possible to your employer. They would not be very impressed if you did not do so.

Above all an Intern should behave in a truly professional manner.

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