Would you like to become a Host Family?

The benefits of students staying with families are so that they can have an experience where they can interact and engage in the British culture, whilst staying in a comfortable homely environment.

Do you have a spare bedroom to offer?

Do you enjoy meeting people and learning about different cultures?

Would you like to become a host family for European students?

Would you like to increase your budget?

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What are the benefits to you?

You can share your language and culture with someone from another part of the world, as well as being introduced to their own culture and language.

You can give students the opportunity to experience life in another country.

Enables you to develop a lifelong connection with your hosted student and his or her family.

Helps change your perspective of the world and any previous misconceptions which you may have had.

Hosting a student can help you gain financial support.

Comments by Host Families and Students

"Many of our students return to visit their Host Families, some of whom have been out to visit their students in their home countries."

My family and I have been hosting young people for 11 years now. Initially my reasons for hosting were due to me starting a university degree as a mature student and considered it an excellent opportunity to increase our family budget. Additionally, I considered it to be a good way of introducing interest to our family and for my own two daughters who were 15 and 11 years old at the time. I have found the experience to be very rewarding and enjoyable, over the years I have had more than 100 students stay in our home. I always feel rather excited when I go to collect a new student and therefore a new addition to the family, as each young person brings with them individuality and a new personality. We try to involve and include our students in our social activities when possible.

Our friends and extended family accept that quite often our invitations will include an additional place for any young people who are with us at the time. I have learned to cook and provide meals for every individual’s taste and requirements. My family have made many new friends from hosting – some who I will consider to be lifelong. Some of our students have made return visits whilst others keep in touch through messaging and social media sites.

Host Family — Jeanette

I really don’t know how to thank you for this wonderful and unforgettable five week language stay in your family. Thanks Since a long time I’ve dreamed of the time I would do an exchange abroad. It would be a journey into the unknown – ‘hopefully I’ll have a good family’ I thought. But you Anne and Phill, you are not just ’a good host family’. You are wonderful! Incredible! I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me! I’m so glad that I’ve spent this time with you. I never became homesick because I felt so welcome and at home! You’re such a lovely funny, generous, kind and helpful couple. Thank you for all the meals you cooked, the conversations we had, the trips, the clean room, the bus connections you searched for Anne and all the jokes you’ve made Phil…! It was just perfect Thanks .

Nina G, (Switzerland) July 2015

Hello Jeanette, I wanted to thank you again for the last three weeks. I have to admit that before I arrived I was afraid of not having enough food. Or that you had a big problem with my diet! But not only the food was amazing. I enjoyed talking with Mark, Melissa and you during my dinner when we had tea (I think you can't say it like that but I wanted to proof if I understood the difference between tea/dinner/lunch/brunch/breakfast..:-)) And I really have to say that Mindy is the prettiest cat I've ever seen! Although I think she doesn't like me very much :D Besides it was nice to go out with your family and friends. I cannot describe how happy I am that I could live in your family. It made my time in England unforgettable.

Mara, (Germany) 2015

Dear Yvonne, I miss you very much, here, in my Prepa in Poitiers ! And I can no longer watch a movie every single evening, there's too much work to do ! :O But I have my wonderful memories of my trip to Walsall, with you, to console myself! I will never thank you enough for letting me stay these two amazing weeks, and cooking so delicious cakes for me! I hope you're doing well and that you have nice new students to entertain you ! Give me some news ! :) Love, xx.

Claire Lavigerie, (France) September 2015