First Year Summer Internships

Short work placement opportunity

First year summer internships with A summer Internship is a short work placement opportunity for students aiming to carry out a work placement during the summer period, mainly between the months of June and August. An internship is ideal for students who are studying towards their chosen occupational area and who are interested in gaining a practical insight into the work that they wish to have a greater understanding of, and it is also a great contribution towards their vocational qualification or practical part of their course. First Year Summer Internships are a good way to build up work experience in a short space of time and is also a great way of finding out whether it is the right occupational area for you.

During your summer internship it will allow you to learn new skills, improve your confidence, establish new relationships, and see how other companies operate as well as having a greater awareness in the field of work. An internship will help you to increase your potential, as it can contribute to a job offer, it is a step in the right direction and it will help to enhance your CV. It is indeed an invaluable industry experience opportunity! If you are successful in your summer internship this can potentially lead to the possibility of a future job offer, therefore it is important that you learn as many skills as you can during your internship as the training can be very useful, and your employer will certainly want to know that you have what it takes to carry out the job.

First Year Summer internships, especially abroad, are an exciting way to gain practical skills, knowledge and training on the job. You will meet and work with interesting people such as your fellow employees and have the benefit of interacting with them and learning new skills and techniques. It is your chance to prove to your employer during your internship that you are enthusiastic, motivated and dedicated about the career and development that you have chosen to aim for.

Some summer internships can be based on an exchange programme where the Secondary or University student studies and works abroad as part of their curriculum in an institution or work place similar to their own but in another country where they will study a foreign language and also work within a work place setting. First Year Summer internships can be carried out within a variety of occupational areas such as Retail, Business Administration, Marketing, Care, Catering & Hospitality, Sports & Leisure, Nursery Education, I.T. and Engineering. It is therefore important for you to decide which occupational area is suited to you the most so that you can ensure you get the best experience possible.

If you would like to do a Summer Internship and you are studying a qualification as part of a vocational course, it is advisable to discuss this with your local college, University and/ or Professional Training School to see if they would recommend you joining an internship scheme to enable you to get the right practical training you may need.

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