Why should I apply for Work Experience in the UK?

First of all: Congratulations! You are already thinking about your future. You already know that you have to give yourself every chance to succeed in life. You realise that Work Experience is a stepping stone towards that. To take it one stage further, what better way in today's ever changing world than to take this opportunity to apply for a Work Placement/Internship in the UK, and experience what it is like to live and "work" in another country, albeit for a short period of time. Your placement would typically last from 2 weeks to 3 months. However we can arrange longer ones if required. This will give you the chance to gain an insight into the working world: how organisations operate and the difficulties they face.

No Work Experience = No Job ? Maybe at the same this experience will clarify your mind as to your future prospects, but this should not be your sole objective. You should consider this experience as an opportunity to build on your skills: language and generic, and increase your knowledge. If you keep an open mind about your placement and the people you meet there, this could prove invaluable in the future. Many an Internship has led to a job offer, either here or back in your own country. Always remember that even a negative experience can have a positive outcome. It may be that you realise that this type of work was not for you after all, but your spoken language improved and you met some really interesting people.

Communication skills are a highly desired and sought after quality by employers and, if you can show that you have had work experience in the UK, this will enhance your CV. If you follow up a Work Placement in your own country by one carried out in the UK, then you will prove to an employer that you have the enthusiasm and drive that they are looking for in an employee.

The benefits of Work Experience cannot be understated, it is where you have an opportunity to gain skills that are not just vocational but can be of a social value as well. Your placement may not necessarily reflect your career choice, although most usually do if you are 17/18 years of age and over. However all types of placement will offer a wider experience of the World of Work.

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